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Interior Painting Process

Interior painting process

TruCare Painters of New York is the premier resource to call on, when you find yourself in need of an interior paint job. However, we want to do more than just say that, we want to demonstrate it. One way to do so is to walk you through the steps that we take, in order to arrive at the best possible outcome.

Too many self-proclaimed pros cut corners and offer shoddy workmanship. Unfortunately, you can't always be certain until the job is completed exactly what type of work a company produces. We realize that you wouldn't know about our process until you see it, unless we give you some insight.

We take great pride in the work that we do which is why we go above and beyond when it comes to every project that we execute. Our professional focus is always on delivering quality results as opposed to getting through a large quantity of jobs. Don't take chances when it comes to the painting work that is invested into the place you and your family call home.

Local Experts Providing Interior Painting Process

Here's what you can expect from our interior painting process:

  • You can feel secure that we take all the precautions possible, which you will be able to clearly see. Any staff member entering your home will have booties on their feet, from the moment that they walk through your front door.
  • The first phase involves moving and properly protecting the furniture. We rely on heavy duty painters plastic to cover and protect furniture and flooring. Mover's plastic is also taped at the bottom to secure it, but not taped directly to the furnishings, in order to prevent potential damage.
  • We also implement the use of felt movers in order to relocate heavy furniture on hardwood floors and sliders to safeguard your carpet. As a general rule, furniture is moved to the center of the room, clearing a 4 foot space between the furniture and the walls being painted. You are invited and encouraged to take pictures if you feel these guidelines are not being met, and share them with the production manager.
  • All flooring should have some type of covering, so that our painters do not end up tracking paint on to any floor in your home. This includes clothes that cover every square inch of the floor in the room being painted. This prevents any possibility of spills,drips or other threats. No bare floor should be visible.
  • When it comes to painting the kitchen ceiling, cabinets, countertops and appliances will be covered by painter's plastic. For the bathroom, toilets, vanities, counters and showers are covered in this same plastic and secured with painter's tape.
  • We will inspect for wall damage and repair needs, prior to painting. This means locating and dealing with every type of blemish including nail pops, holes, cracks and more. These will be circled for easy identification for the contractor taking care of repairs. This inspection and preparation includes crown moldings and similar décor details.
  • Outlet covers and switch plate covers are removed and stored in the bucket designated for that particular room. This prevents fixtures from one room transitioning into another room.
  • Walls surfaces are sanded down, no dust will be left behind. We do not paint dust into walls, and we remove dust lingering on plastic and other areas, in order to prevent it from ending up in the paint. Each room is inspected upon completion by the crew manager.
  • We start with painting the ceiling first, when applicable, then the trim and finally the walls. Upon completion, rooms are fully inspected by the crew manager before being considered finished. Once the entire job is done, then the extensive cleanup is carried out.
  • The cleanup consists of using a shop vac to get into crevices, a dust bag to trap otherwise airborne contaminants and swiffering hardwood floors. The end goal is to leave the place cleaner than we found it. This includes replacing wall outlet covers, removing painter's plastic and collecting drop clothes.
  • Upon cleaning, we will then move furniture back into place. Using photos taken before the job began, we will place each item in its proper location. The van is packed so that nothing is left behind, and the work is once again checked by a manager, before leaving the premises.

Personalize Your Home With the Interior Painting Process

TruCare Painters of New York really lives up to its name. We will show you what a difference it makes to work with reputable and dedicated industry experts. Get in touch with us now and find out how we can help you make the most of your project.

For quality interior painting services in Wappingers Falls and the surrounding areas of New York, please call the painters at TruCare Painters of New York at 845-724-6869 or complete our online request form.