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Exterior Painting and Deck Staining in Garrison, NY

Exterior painting deck staining garrison ny after

We received a call from a client in Garrison, NY that had an unusual deck refinish and deck staining project. They mentioned to us that they needed to repeatedly refinish the deck every year, and they didn't understand why. Their home, a Hudson River Front property, has salt from the harbor in New York City that has actually made it upstate to the Beacon, New York area. The weather conditions of the evaporated salt in the air being that close to the river made the wear and tear on the deck much more harsh than normal. So now that we knew why the deck needed frequent refinishing, we came up with a plan and started the job. We started by using a stain stripper by Sherwin Williams called SuperDeck Stain and Sealer Remover to completely strip and remove all the old stain, mold, and mildew from the deck to the bare wood. We needed to start from scratch with this one. We then pressure washed the deck, and then sanded all the surfaces to rid the wood of any burs from the pressure washing. Then, we used Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Revive, because we needed to recondition the wood to properly open the pours of the wood to accept the new stain evenly. It also restores the natural beauty and color of the wood. After all that was done, the next step was to stain the deck. We used Sherwin Williams Deckscapes semi-transparent in a cedar-tone color. We then applied a clear coat for extra protection from UV rays and Moisture and come every year to pressure wash the deck clean.

Project Details

  • Project Type: Exterior Painting and Deck Staining
  • Product Used: Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Stain and Sealer Remover, Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Revive, Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Revive

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