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Play Area Interior Painting in Wappingers Falls, NY


We were hired by a local business to brighten up their children play area. It was a fun interior painting project with bright colors. It was a multiple day project with many large holes in the walls from all the previous "fun" kids had in the room. Along with the extensive prep work was another issue to be solved of the high reflective colors otherwise known as deep base colors. Deep reds, Blues, etc tend to require a lot of tint to make the colors which could be up to 12 ounces of coloring per gallon which is the size of a can of soda. This dilutes the paint so much that the paint becomes very translucent and can require a multitude of coats to cover. To fix this problem we use a grey primer as the first coat and then 2 coats of paint over that as you can see in the photos.




Products Used: Sherwin Williams

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